Thursday, December 21, 2006

'Tis the season to be jolly.


One gift left. That's all we have to get. It's for my oldest nephew, poor guy. I wanted to buy him a refurbished ipod and haven't been able to get the one I want (can afford). So we don't have anything for him, yet. Now we're thinking about a jersey for the KC Chiefs, but I just discovered that they are as much as a new ipod.

Also, El broke her favorite up and down shoes, so I want to try and have Santa replace those. And Em wants a snow globe. WTF? So, I want to look for a snow globe for her.

The inlaws were here for dinner, and I have decided that my house isn't really big enough for fil. He just talks so loud. He was giving me a headache. I suppose it's left over from his preaching days, but damn, man, you aren't standing in a pulpit anymore, you're sitting at the dinner table.

I keep contemplating the bottle of hard cider in the fridge, but I'm so tired, I think it might be a waste. lol

I've made 3 batches of cookies, have sugar cookie dough in the fridge and the stuff to make rice crispie treats. And one neighbor brought us two plates of cookies today. I think I'll send those with the husband to work.

Yes, I think I want that cider.

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Autumn Zephyr said...

Hey. I clicked on your name in the comment on my blog and found yours. Yippee!

I really enjoyed the company the other night. Yes, we should do it more often.